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Planning to move : Given the very embarassing download system of this site, I'm planning to move soon to a new server, and thus allow all of you to freely download music
Scores ! Scores ! SCORES ! : Sorry, I haven't been very active these days, just because I'm drowned by scores for movies, contests or else... The good news is : all this stuff will soon be online.
"I Animate" : a new catchy tune to download : Written for Stefan Van Zwam's Animation Class 1 movie, this tune should be broadcast on April,6th at the Stuttgart Animated Film Festival. The originality : the choir has been made of several contributors of Avaiable, as always, in the Mu
Currently busy... : I've been quite busy these weeks writing musics for 2 entries of the famous APE contest. Two other musics are in preparation and I still have a lot of songs in my magic box. On the other hand, NIS2 in under heavy writing...
French subtitled version of NIS added :, this version is very light for a mid quality ! Needs RealOne to be played. Admirez le travail...
Behind The Scenes of NIS : The making of NIS in now online in the Behind The Scenes page of the movies section ! Look out why it took me so much time...
2 NIS Tracks avaiable. Get them ! : The two main tracks of the acclaimed Nowhere In Space movie are released for free both as Real and MP3. Revive the epic !
Nowhere In Space Ep1 released ! : At last ! Enjoy it in the movie section. Two big versions, another will be released for the dial-up modem users...
Brickfilms on TV... : A 9-minutes documentary about Brickfilms has just been broadcasted on French TV ARTE in the program "Court Circuit". Thanks ARTE !
Video section changed ! : Check out the new video section featuring my last production "Monky Business" and it's making of.
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