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I'm a musician for 20 years and amateur composer for about 12 years.

I've made my first steps at 8 on a piano until I grow teenager.
Then I've switched to guitar, and from Bach to the Sex Pistols !
Begin also a huge fan of early electro music - Kraftwerk, Jarre, Vangelis, Eno, Schultze, I've started to program synth, at first on a Roland SH101, and soon to write some pieces of music in limited homestudio.

Years after, my studio has grown, allowing me to compose and produce brand new songs, mostly in a mid-tempo pop electro style, being influenced by AIR and David Bowie (although I still have a long road to do !).
I'm also composing instrumental pieces, some for pictures or theater, and am currently working with some directors of amateur stop-motion movies.

You've understood : this section is dedicated to my musical activities. Listen to some songs then discover my home-studio and my various musical experiences.


Scores ! Scores ! SCORES ! : Sorry, I haven't been very active these days, just because I'm drowned by scores for movies, contests or else... The good news is : all this stuff will soon be online.
"I Animate" : a new catchy tune to download : Written for Stefan Van Zwam's Animation Class 1 movie, this tune should be broadcast on April,6th at the Stuttgart Animated Film Festival. The originality : the choir has been made of several contributors of Avaiable, as always, in the Mu
2 NIS Tracks avaiable. Get them ! : The two main tracks of the acclaimed Nowhere In Space movie are released for free both as Real and MP3. Revive the epic !
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