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It's been a while since I've in mind making movies.

This section is dedicated to my movie work.
Well don't be fooled, I'm an amateur director and surely likes to help other friends making movies with my audio skills.

Aside of this I'm working on a stop-motion movie starring Lego minifigs. You find this weird ? You must know that there is a real "brickfilmers" community around the world and that even renowned directors and channels are interested by this kind of creation (Michel Gondry, MTV US,...).
You find this stupidly easy ? Well, as any animation movies, brick movie requires much time and much patience, and a real directing talent !
Check out

Finnaly you'll find in that section more informations about my upcoming movies, about my setup and audio tricks, and some useful links featuring the Fellowship of the Bricks...


French subtitled version of NIS added :, this version is very light for a mid quality ! Needs RealOne to be played. Admirez le travail...
Behind The Scenes of NIS : The making of NIS in now online in the Behind The Scenes page of the movies section ! Look out why it took me so much time...
Nowhere In Space Ep1 released ! : At last ! Enjoy it in the movie section. Two big versions, another will be released for the dial-up modem users...
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