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I'm currently preparing some demo-tapes so as to send them to labels and thinking of protecting my songs.
Collaborative work on a amateur animation project with american & canadian director. I'm in charge of all the audio side : music soundtrack, mixing, Foley work, authoring...
My band seems to have new colors.
I strongly hope 2003 will be full of promises.

2002 / 2001

"Via Gras" is no more effective, the band has paused after several dismissions / admissions. Not easy to find motivated & disposable musicians !
Written new songs, but many of them have ended in the junk !
These two years were not so effective mainly due to difficulties to have a solid setup, reliable & easy to use...
Meanwhile, my studio has kept expanding to new devices : microphones, analog synth, and several guitars.
I'm also going in the video domain and starts to think of several sceneries.


2000 had been a quite productive year with at least 3 songs !
Due to personnal conflicts, I've left the music association where I was guitarist / front-end mixer. Otherwise, many meetings with interesting people.
Studio is going into digital with the buying of a digital console & audio card.


Founding member of Via Gras, a pop/rock cover band, with musicians full of energy, some shows done in bars among a hot hot hot ambience.
Some songs written, a fairly amount of them going straightly in the recycle bin !
First steps as a bass player and singer, new Korg synth bought.


Discovering the ECSVT on the net, an association of amateur composers who uses Steinberg's Cubase VST software. Active collaboration on the first projects.
The association has a small stand, hosted by Steinberg, at the French music fest where one of my compositions does a big impression !
Buying of my first "real" guitar : a Fender stratocaster of course.


Still student in Mech. Engineering, I have quite good time, but no gear and no money at all. First steps on Cubase sequencer.
In 1997, lighting supervisor for a student acclaimed musical "Little Shop of Horror" and technical director of an international student theater festival.
Failed some exams due to these activities...
In 1996, lighting assistant in this festival and decorator assistant of the "Rocky Picture Show", first attempt at a student comedy in the university.


Animator at a student radio called Graf'Hit. The program is "Oxygène", and the aim is to diffuse music that is hardly heard on commercial radios : ethnic, early electro, medieval, lost OST,...
Very interesting but very time-consuming too !
Keyboardist in a rythm'n'blues cover band called "Schmoll", many great show with sometimes more than 10 musicians on stage.


Keyboardist in a band called "Bubble Blue", dedicated to pop/rock covers.
Many concerts, and a status of pseudo-idols in our university
...well, I mean, the singer and the guitarist !


Leaved piano (incompatible with elitistic schoolwork).
Learned guitar and first band soon after called "Haute Tension" and doing some garbage covers of French alternative rock - i.e. Punk.
First polyphonic synth bought, along with basic sequencer soft.
Early electronica pieces recorded in summer, ending to the making of a one-copy pseudo album !


Learn theory at 7.
Learn piano at 8.
First big music impressions at these age when hearing Beethoven, Jarre, Vangelis, Morricone, Shuki & Saban and watching anime mangas on the TV.
Discover of Star Wars (A new hope) and many dreams for the following 2 weeks.
First synth at 11 (Roland SH101 w/ Japanese manual...).
First "songs" on a sequencer running on an Amstrad computer !


Scores ! Scores ! SCORES ! : Sorry, I haven't been very active these days, just because I'm drowned by scores for movies, contests or else... The good news is : all this stuff will soon be online.
"I Animate" : a new catchy tune to download : Written for Stefan Van Zwam's Animation Class 1 movie, this tune should be broadcast on April,6th at the Stuttgart Animated Film Festival. The originality : the choir has been made of several contributors of Avaiable, as always, in the Mu
2 NIS Tracks avaiable. Get them ! : The two main tracks of the acclaimed Nowhere In Space movie are released for free both as Real and MP3. Revive the epic !
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