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You are welcome to download these songs by clicking on its titles.
Please note that some alterations of the volume during playback are intentionnal.

Files are encoded in RealAudio G2, you can download the lastest player at Real Networks.

 I Animate   ::MP3 here::
 Rock  (1:09)  0,3 MoMo
 A catchy rock tune for the Brickfilm "Animation Class" done by Wandrer2. Note the extra good performance of various brickfilmers...
 Instr : Guitars : Telecaster, Gibson, Bass : JazzBass
 Featuring : Rachel, Felix, Stefan, Steffen, Kristian, Brandon and Tom
 Les Mystères de Paris   ::MP3 here::
 Orchestral  (3:11)  4.37Mo
 This orchestral tune was written for a contest driven by a famous orchestral sample library. It was intended to show the power and flexibility of this tool and sounds quite spectacular.
 Instr : East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Silver ONLY !
 Opening - The Fairy Planet   ::MP3 here::
 Orchestral, Soundtrack  (2:04)  2Mo
 Opening theme of the Nowhere In Space movie (see. movie section). Orchestral, weird at the beginning and then peaceful.
 Instr : Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra GIGA
 Revealing The Prophecy   ::MP3 here::
 Orchestral, Soundtrack  (3:24)  3.2Mo
 The prophecy theme of the movie Nowhere In Space (see movies). Dark at the beginning, it turns to a dramatic climax and an epic end.
 Instr : Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra GIGA
 Irradiate   ::MP3 here::
 Indie Pop, Rock, Progressive Rock  (5:01)  2.21Mo
 This love songs starts quietly, then turns into an energic rock song then to a cool synth pop song. Quiet curious but really worth the download !
 Instr : Godin, Fender, Gibson guitars & bass, Korg, Access and soft synth, Kontakt (drums).
 Loner   ::MP3 here::
 Rock  (5:16)  2.46Mo
 A guitar-based song that slowly increases to a dramatic end w/ lots of vocals. Everybody says me it sounds à la Jeff Buckley or Nick Cave. Wow !
 Instr : Gibson & Fender guitars and bass, N5ex, Kontakt
 Siren Songs   ::MP3 here::
 Indie Pop, Progressive Rock  (5:22)  2.6Mo
 A 2 part song, first being a pop song, ending in a somewhat progressive cool approach à la Beck.
 Instr : Fender, Gibson, Godin guitars & bass, Korg and Access synths, Kontakt & various soft synths
 TSC - Main Theme   ::MP3 here::
 oriental, electro, soundtrack, raï  (3:38)  1,69Mo
 Main theme for upcoming The Sol Chronicle stop-motion sci-fi movie.
 Instr : Access and Korg synths, Fender guitars and bass, ethnic samples
 Comme La Pluie (Chanson Idiote)
 Pop / Rock (explicit lyrics)  (2:09)  1Mo
 Here's the story : a friend of mine sent me an ordinary mail, I replied to him (lyrics), then he replied to me putting some random chords. This song was born.
 Instr : Yamaha sampler, Fender & Gibson guitars and bass, Kontakt for drums.
 Featuring : Mr. Charpentier's random chord method.
 Believe In Us (LowweeK mix)
 Trip-Hop  (4:59)  2,33Mo
 A song done for a remix competition of Jay-Jay Johanson's song... I've submitted this mix and never had news ! Note that I've composed this without knowing the original song.
 Instr : Rebirth & N5ex synth, Strat guitar
 Featuring : Jay -Jay Johanson
 Speak to Me
 Low Pop  (5:20)  2.48Mo
 A melancolic pop song with lots of synthetizer. Check the solo synth and moody bass part !
 Instr : Fender Bass & Guitar, Rebirth, N5ex, SY35, many plugins
 Electro  (1:38)  0,7Mo
 Remix done for my video introduction into my first company. Samples are mainly coming from cartoons and are tweaked in a hardly recognizable way.
 Instr : Rebirth, Fender Strato, N5ex
 Featuring : Albator & Tom Sawyer cartoon, trad. russian, Sydney Bechett.
 Galice (Gran Turismo Mix)
 Electro Pop, Instrumental  (2:12)  1.1Mo
 Another remix, guitar part sequenced by Yann Eirin, I've done all the arrangment. First bass try !
 Instr : N5 synth, Rebirth, Fender Bass & Guitars
 Featuring : Yann Eirin (ECVST)
 Sahara (Jungle Book Mix)
 Trip-Hop, Metal, Jungle  (3:51)  1.79Mo
 A variation on Sahara that slowly moves to an metal/jungle style.
 Instr : Fender Guitar, SY35, N5ex
 Featuring : Yann Eirin (clavinet)
 Sahara (LowweeK remix)
 Trip-Hop, Instrumental, Soundtrack  (3:34)  1.66Mo
 This song was composed for representing our association (ECVST - see links) at the French music fest (equivalent to French NAMM). The stand was hosted by Steinberg, and my work did a great impression. The song itself is an increasing dramatic climax.
 Instr : SY35, N5ex, Rebirth, Fender Strato
 Featuring : Yann Eirin (piano)


Scores ! Scores ! SCORES ! : Sorry, I haven't been very active these days, just because I'm drowned by scores for movies, contests or else... The good news is : all this stuff will soon be online.
"I Animate" : a new catchy tune to download : Written for Stefan Van Zwam's Animation Class 1 movie, this tune should be broadcast on April,6th at the Stuttgart Animated Film Festival. The originality : the choir has been made of several contributors of Avaiable, as always, in the Mu
2 NIS Tracks avaiable. Get them ! : The two main tracks of the acclaimed Nowhere In Space movie are released for free both as Real and MP3. Revive the epic !
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