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Guitars & Bass

Fender Stratocaster US sunburst
Gibson Les Paul Studio cherry
Fender Telecaster US Custom ivory
Godin Acousticaster (electo acoustic)
Fender JazzBass Mexico purple
Yamaha RGX 112P


Johnson J-Station modelling preamp w/ floorboard
Digitech RP21D preamp multieffects
Vox V847 wah pedal
Boss SE70 multieffects
JoeMeek VC3Q preamp
Tech21 BassDriver preamp
Boss MT2 (disto) and Ibanez Compressor guitar pedals
Waves Gold Bundle (plugins)
TC Native Gold (plugins)

Synths & Samplers

Korg N5ex synth
Access Virus B virtual analog synth
Yamaha SY35 synth
Yamaha A5000 sampler w/ 64Mo RAM, 2Go HD, CD-Burner
Edirol PCR30 master keyboard
NI Kontakt sampler (virtual)
Yamaha QY100 portable sequencer
Many free plugins : ePiano, Cellofan, JX10, Andromeda...

Mixing & Recording

Yamaha 01v digital mixing desk w/ ADAT board
Dedicated computer PC PIV 2gHz,512 RAM, 120 HD w/ ADAT card & IEEE 1394
MOTU 828mkII Firewire audio interface
Steinberg Cubase SX v1.01
Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 4.5
Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 4
Sharp MT190 portable MD recorder
Tascam Porta7 4 tracks tape recorder


Microphones :
RODE NT1 w/ antipop grid
Shure SM58
Sony ECM907 stereo
... various Philips & no name mics

Monitors :
Panasonic HiFi
Roland MA20 (rear)
Sony MDR 7505 & AKG K80 headphones

Edirol UM880 Midi interface
Emagic MT4 Midi interface
Panasonic GS3 miniDV camcorder w/ wide angle lens & UV filter
Boss FC50 midi floorboard
5' Tibetan Gong
School pipe flute


Scores ! Scores ! SCORES ! : Sorry, I haven't been very active these days, just because I'm drowned by scores for movies, contests or else... The good news is : all this stuff will soon be online.
"I Animate" : a new catchy tune to download : Written for Stefan Van Zwam's Animation Class 1 movie, this tune should be broadcast on April,6th at the Stuttgart Animated Film Festival. The originality : the choir has been made of several contributors of Avaiable, as always, in the Mu
2 NIS Tracks avaiable. Get them ! : The two main tracks of the acclaimed Nowhere In Space movie are released for free both as Real and MP3. Revive the epic !
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